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Hummingbird Enterprise - DM


Hummingbird Enterprise — DM is a secure and simple system that provides the power to control information throughout global organizations, to meet competitive challenges and harvest collaborative knowledge.

It serves as the core unstructured information management platform for the Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 content management system, delivering a centralized repository, feature-rich functionality, and intuitive interface for users while working in tandem with other modules for collaboration, instant messaging, workflow, records management, reporting and analysis, and much more.

Hummingbird Enterprise - Workflow


Hummingbird Enterprise - Workflow empowers business owners and content managers to easily define, apply and reuse business logic and processes providing them with the ability to generate cohesive interactions among people, business systems, and content - across the Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 content management system and beyond.

Enterprise Webtop


Hummingbird Enterprise ™ Enterprise Webtop is an out-of-the box web-based interface for the entire range of Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 content management modules. It is also a full-featured and standards-based portal framework for easily integrating critical business applications and content.
Hummingbird Enterprise 2004™ Enterprise Webtop enables organizations to rapidly respond to the changing demands of employees, customers, business partners, and government and regulatory bodies.

Hummingbird Enterprise - RM


Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 - RM provides a completely secure, feature rich, standards-compliant records management solution that works in tandem with the Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 content management suite.

Hummingbird BI™


Hummingbird BI™ is a powerful business intelligence solution that provides enterprise-strength query, reporting and OLAP functionality at the lowest cost of ownership. Hummingbird BI provides full reporting capabilities to satisfy the needs of all users in the organization, with a wide range of reports, formats and delivery methods.
Hummingbird BI provides a rich environment for query, analysis and reporting activity. It enables users to search stored data, transform it into valuable business information and distribute the results across the enterprise and beyond. Hummingbird BI meets the varying needs of users with four key products:
BI Query - an enterprise ad hoc query and reporting application that allows the user to pose questions about data and communicate the results in meaningful reports.
BI Web - a web-based solution that provides full query, reporting and OLAP capabilities.
BI Analyze - a desktop OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) application for multi-dimensional analysis of data, enabling users to find answers to complex business questions.
BI Server - an enterprise application server that provides security, scheduling, distribution, notification and centralized administration services, facilitating business intelligence deployment across the organization.

Hummingbird Enterprise - IM Instant Messaging


Hummingbird Enterprise - Instant Messaging is an enterprise solution that enables employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to collaborate in real-time while meeting compliance requirements.
Seamlessly integrated with Hummingbird Enterprise 2004, Hummingbird instant messaging offers unique value in three areas – real-time collaboration, capturing corporate value, and enhanced productivity. The integration of instant messaging functionality with the Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 content management system extends the range of managed enterprise content to deliver optimized productivity and business value for advanced knowledge management initiatives.

Hummingbird Enterprise - Mobility

Hummingbird Enterprise - Mobility is both a framework and an out-of-the-box solution that enables users to access enterprise content no matter which device they use.
Pre-built integrations for the Hummingbird Enterprise content management suite, and a complete range of third-party applications, provide a two-way interactive link between mobile devices of knowledge workers and critical business systems. Professionals, clients, and business partners are able to access enterprise content, make informed decisions, and take action no matter where they are, capitalizing on opportunities that would have been missed in the pre-mobile enterprise.

Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 - Collaboration

Hummingbird Enterprise - Collaboration is a highly secure, Web-based collaborative workspace for dispersed teams across and beyond the enterprise. It enables businesses across the entire industry spectrum to streamline collaborative processes, enhance team productivity, and speed the delivery of targeted results in any collaborative activity.
Hummingbird Enterprise - Collaboration is a fully integrated component of the Hummingbird Enterprise content management suite that includes all the tools and functionality required for leveraging the entire range of enterprise content to streamline project cycle times and improve knowledge sharing.


Hummingbird Enterprise - KM            Download
Hummingbird Enterprise KM is a complete information search and categorization solution with a single, logical point of access. It enables organizations to use their information to create real world business solutions, gain competitive advantage, and improve profitability.

Hummingbird Enterprise KM is an integral component of the Hummingbird Enterprise ECM platform that dramatically improves the way organizations manage their knowledge assets. It allows users to conduct single, unified searches across multiple structured and unstructured information sources including document and records management systems, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Websites, file repositories, and data sources such as relational databases to provide a truly amalgamated result set. Intuitive interfaces allow information to be "virtually" organized through knowledge maps and taxonomies while agents continually mine and deliver new information as it is generated.

Hummingbird Enterprise™ - Content Integration

Hummingbird Enterprise Content Integration represents a new generation of enterprise integration, which allows Hummingbird Enterprise content to be shared across each of the components of Hummingbird Enterprise 2004. This provides organizations with a unified view of their enterprise content – enterprise content that is accessible, meaningful and actionable.

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